Saturday, 22 November 2014


Surprise surprise we started today at 6.30 so a bit of a lie in!

The first stop was at the KCCA (Kampala City Centre Authority) offices as seems to be common reoccurrence to be introduced to the leaders of any area.

First stop was to Kwampe slum area;

The scenes we found were moving on a massive scale, with people here are living in absolute squalor. It became too much after seeing children as young as 2 and 3 building dams in the water running through the area, this was nothing better than sewer water and reminded me of my own children building dams at the beach.
The problems in this area are massive, no clean water, no drainage system and living in absolute poverty. Words cannot describe just how bad this place really is!!

The reoccurring problem is the flooding every time there is a drop of rain the water from the surrounding hills floods the whole area, peoples houses, walkways and the few toilets which are located here. This leads to cross contamination of sewerage and drinking water as all the fresh water is from natural springs. The water is not very clean at the best of times but this situation is exasperated when it floods. The floods are not the same as the flooding which occurs in England as this is a daily occurrence in the rainy season.

Next we visited a post intervention area where WaterAid have been working alongside the local community and council to provide an innovative solution fresh water.
Previously vendors would have a tap installed (very very expensive), but then charge 5 times the price of the water to the community members. So they have provide Pay As You Go taps;

They have also upgrade the rain water drainage;

But this does not come without its problems as just a few hours before our visit a mother and child fell in and unfortunately the mother did not survive. 


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