Saturday, 22 November 2014


First For today was a trip to Amuria clinic;

We started off in the maternity unit and the Conditions were not good!!

As there were not enough beds lades with their babes in arms were laying on the floor, the floor was not to clean as there is a lack of staff, also there were chickens running in and out all the time.

Upon chatting to the staff I found out a few surprising (but not in a nice way) facts;

·        In child birth woman are only given paracetamol for pain relief
·        There are no incinerators for the placenta so they are cast them in a pit
·        Women have to walk approx. 3-5km to get to the clinic.

The good news is that all immunisations are free and for one day a week woman can come and protect their child.

We then moved to the school;
Were we had a brief tour which included their borehole and the toilets (one of which had been upgraded by WaterAid already;

We then moved into the classroom which was packed, 114 children in a class!!!

We had a taste of the English lesson which was being taught and with this amount of children, I was amazed at how controlled it was!!

Then we spent some one to one time with the kids, they are so happy and full of life , which is amazing as the environment is not that great!

Next was the world toilet day celebrations which consisted of allot of speaks, a few were from some distinguished guest’s; The Ugandan Health Minister, The Ugandan Minister for Disaster and District MP. This was intermingled with dance and presentations from the children

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