Thursday, 20 November 2014

Day 3

Today we have visited an after intervention village, our hosts today were David and Sabina who are sister that they live with their elderly mother.

WOW what a difference!!!!

The time created by not needing to collect water is amazing, previously it would have taken 6 to 7 hours to collect water, now it only takes ½ an hour!!

You only have to look at their land to see the difference, everything is well maintained were as the previous days village was very overgrown and not well maintained at all.

This gives the people of the village a real chance to not only provide food for themselves but also to have enough to sell and also sell the seeds.

The family we visited stored the extra for a rainy day, a trip to the doctor, school bills ……….
The activities we were involved in today were;

Building a Tippy Tap (I got to cut wood with a machete!!), for use after using the toilet, hygiene is key!

Collecting water using the newly installed pump

Milking a cow (who would have known this could have been so difficult)

We were then provided with breakfast for all the help we gave, this consisted of freshly picked peanuts fried with salt.

The surprising fact of the day was the sustainability of these developments, once a well is installed an operation and maintenance committee is formed and they decide how much too charge each house hold in the district to use the well in order too cover any breakdowns and maintenance. After a year or so if the money is not spent it can be loaned to other communities and charge interest, this creates a revenue for the community for future developments.

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