Thursday, 20 November 2014


A day with a village without interveton;
Early start 5.30!!!

The group with which I was placed was Fiona and Gillian and the family we visited was Samuel and Sabrina along with their 2 children.

The jobs we helped the family to complete were;
Ploughing the field (with an ox and steel plough)
Tilling the field with hoes and hands (weeding the bean field)
Fetching the well water only half a kilometre and believe me 20 ltrs over this distance I 35 deg heat on your head is very tiring, the drinking water well was 3km away and luckily they had enough already for the day(not used for drinking only bathing and washing dishes)

Sweeping the yard sounds easy, but first I had to go to the bushes to collect more braches to make the broom, then a good hour of sweeping in the hot sun!!
Luckily now it was time to prepare dinner and apparently the men sit and talk while the women prepare and cook and todays speciality was freshly slaughtered chicken (normally meat would only be eaten once a week on a Sunday)

Next was a visit to a community school;

The children then showed us how they once a week had set fire too the loo in order to disinfect;

The surprising fact of the day was that the school was setup, built and ran by the village members, they built the building bought the books and all contribute to paying the teachers, impressive stuff!!!

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