Thursday, 2 October 2014

Briefing Day

Hi all,

Today I attended the first of two briefings about the upcoming WaterAid trip to Uganda.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable day which consisted of;
·        Getting to know the other supporters
·        Giving a flavour of what to expect on the visit
·        Guidance on local customs (what to do and what not to do)
·        What plans have been made for while we are in the country

At the end of the briefing we were asked what pledges or commitments we would make and undertake on our return.

This is a very interesting yet difficult question to answer and my only thought was to raise awareness of what goes on, when I return. A little pathetic I know, but this is as honest as possible!!

On the train on the way home I started to think more deeply and more importantly panic, that this was not enough, so decided to start the work early and try and arrange some talks for my return. Since then I have tentatively arrange a talk at my local primary school and one for the WI.

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